Get involved!

Reach out to the contacts below to see how you can get involved with these committees.

School Festival & Event Liaison

Caitlin Carroll

PTO Officer Liaison

Our PTO works with the school to plan and execute our seasonal festivals. These festivals require volunteer support and the liaison helps to communicate volunteer needs to the appropriate committees. If you’re interested in getting involved with a festival you can contact Caitlin Carroll directly for volunteer opportunities.

Sunshine Committee

Chris Waters

Samantha Craig (Chair of Sunshine Kitchen)

PTO Officer Liaison

Sunshine Committee leads the sunshine kitchen which provides nourishment for those children who may need a little extra or who have forgotten their lunch or snack. They also plan teacher appreciate potlucks throughout the year and leads our First Friends initiative connecting new families to veteran Seasiders.

Fundraising Committee

Ashley McHan

PTO Officer Liaison

Fundraising Committee researches and plans a spirit night every other month. Partners with health and wellness to support our biggest PTO led fundraisers-the Fun Run!

Greenspace/Facilities Committee

Lindsay Strohecker

Kyle Schaller

PTO Officer Liaison

Works with the school leaders and teachers to identify high priority grounds projects to enhance our children’s experience at Seaside.

Service and Community Projects

Zuzia Soldenhoff-Thorpe

Jill Jaeger

PTO Officer Liaison

Hosts events to help our seaside community give back to local organization and help those in need. Stay tuned for beach clean ups, donation drives and more!

Health & Wellness Committee

Hannah Weiss

Michelle Daugherty

Emily Hall

PTO Officer Liaison

Health & Wellness Committee brings educational information, tips and tricks to living your best life. From hosting “try it” day at school which exposes our children to new (and allergy friendly) foods or releasing a newsletter on how to build up your immune system, limit media exposure or navigate mental health topics like bullying. This committee also plans and executes safety week (both physical and mental safety) and plans and executes our annual fun run!

Room Parents Committee

Amanda Patow

Leslie Lane

PTO Officer Liaison

Room Parents Committee provides clarity and support to Room Parents by providing an overview of the role, communicating school wide volunteer needs for festivals, etc, etc.